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Six Tips to Staying Safe on a DIY Roof Installation

Most home repair or maintenance requires minimal training, preparation or elaborate tools. However, even minor DIY roof installation or repair jobs pose more challenging threats. Before you hop up there with a nail gun and some elbow grease, take notes on how to prepare yourself.

A new roof comes at a price, so if you are considering building a home starting from scratch or if you need a whole new roof, roofing isn’t something you want to take any chances with. We are a trustworthy company that believes in giving nothing less the best residential roofing services to your house. Elite Roofing Halifax offer both residential and commercial roofing customers our top-quality roofing services from our specialized Halifax roofing experts.

Some Tools You Will Need

Depending upon the particular roof installation project at hand, using the proper tools for the job is an important component to safety. Additionally, these are some basic safety tools you will need:

– Extension ladder, reaching at least 36″ (fiberglass is best)
– Plywood, for uneven ground
– Rope or wire for securing top of ladder
– Safety harness
– Guardrails
– Lanyard
– Netting
– Anchors & brackets
– Rope
– Bungee cords
– 5-gallon bucket (for lifting tools)
– Scaffolding
– Rubber-soled shoes
– Helmet
– Eye protection (like goggles)
– Work gloves (canvas)

Research Tutorials

Become an expert before putting on your tool belt. With the wealth of searchable online videos, there is bound to be at least one video of your specific roof installation project. While reading articles detailing the task is the first step, videos can show you a process without leaving any details out. Find videos about roof safety, set-up, the job you are doing, and even reviews of specialty or power tools you might be using.

Elite Roofing Halifax offer a multitude of benefits for protecting your roof from snow and ice build-up. There is essentially now here for the water to accumulate and gain entry. Compared with shingles, which have a 2-inch coverage, a metal roof has a 100% coverage so water cannot back up and enter your home. Roof installation durable products have experienced dramatic growth in popularity in the past decade. Fire-resistant qualities, longevity, and speed of installation are among the reasons why our customers prefer them.

Scope Out the Scene

For any roof installation job, identify and avoid potential hazards on the roof and on the ground, like power lines or unsafe access areas. Clear the area of loose dirt, tools, and debris, and block access to children and pets. Consider the weather conditions and the pitch of your roof.

Your Ladder

Select a ladder that is at least 3 feet taller than the height of your landing. Aluminum is light, but fiberglass further protects against electrocution in case it touches a live wire. Set up your ladder away from electrical wires and boxes. Firmly place ladder feet on a flat surface or plywood if the ground is uneven. Secure the top of the ladder with rope to your anchoring point on the roof. Tie a bucket with a rope to the ladder so that you can lift your tools up to you. When not in use, secure power tools to short lengths of rope or bungee cord attached to your ladder for easy access. Always climb facing the ladder, holding it with both hands, stepping on every rung.

You should definitely hire a professional Elite Roofing Halifax when you intend to install a new roof or even repair an existing roof. Getting ripped off may be an issue for some consumers, while getting a poor job maybe another. You may even be the victim of a no-show by a contractor. You should ask these questions to ensure they are knowledgeable about their responsibilities to you and look for the answers you need before hiring them.

Tips of the Trade

Before you begin and after you finish your roof installation, use a leaf blower to clear debris off, starting from the ridge downward. You can also clear clogged downspouts safely from the ground by placing the blower in the downspout and blowing upward. When working with sheathing, mark rafters with a chalk line. Calculate your total ventilation needs by square foot by dividing your total living space by 150. Take the time to read instructions when doing anything for the first time.

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